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The School “European Beauty Academy” includes two curricula “Facial Skin Care Specialist” and “Nails Specialist”

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Facial Skin Care Specialist

Facial Skin Care Specialist

Glowing skin. Makeup artistry. Skin care routines. Lashes, lashes, lashes! Are you excited by the idea that you could one day be a professional esthetician, makeup artist, lashmaker or eyebrows specialist? Our school wants to help you pursue your dreams!

Nails Specialist

Our Nail Specialist Program is a big step in starting your journey to becoming a licensed professional. Learn the secrets of natural nail care, acrylic nail extension, pedicure & manicure techniques, nail art and design, Russian manicure and European standards. 
See how we can help you pursue what you love and live your future career as a licensed beauty professional.

Nails Specialist

Welcome to European Beauty Academy!

I am glad to introduce you my school “European Beauty Academy”. Personal information, my name is Diana Nogaibayeva, I am a mother of three wonderful children. I was born in Kazakhstan, I have been living in Amerika for 7 years, I have been doing nail service since 2015, beauty in industry face and body skin care since 2019. I am constantly improving my qualifications in the beauty field with the best specialists from all over the world.

Diana Nogaibayeva

“Facial Skin Care Specialist” (220 hours), “Nails Specialist” (180 hours) the purpose of the programs is to prepare the student for exam required to obtain a license. Students will be trained in the basic principles of face specialization, body skin care and professional standards, principles of nail specialization.

The “European Beauty Academy” will prepare them to successfully fulfill the college education requirements and will also have to pass a final exam to obtain a face and nail specialist license from the Florida Cosmetology Council and be able to work as a specialist. Licensed Facial, Skin Care Professional and Licensed Nail Specialist will be licensed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

The Facial Skin Care Specialist and Nail Specialist programs are designed to educate students in both theoretical and practical skills in areas such as career-ready, safe and effective working methods, performing facial and hair removal treatments, applying makeup, as well as the correct procedures and application of chemicals and nail care and everything related to them, the processes of building and design.

  • Issued certificates.
  • Diploma minimum satisfactory achievement requirement of 75%.
  • Minimum attendance requirement 100%

Facial Skin Care Courses

Nails Courses

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Studying at our school will allow you to:

  • Fully master all areas of the nail industry, the profession of lashmaker, eyebrow artist and esthetician.
  • Successfully use your knowledge in practice.
  • Compete for vacancies in the best salons in America or open your own business.
  • Build a successful career in the beauty industry.

Why choose us?

  • We issue not just certificates, our school issues a License to its students
  • In our school there are 2 broad areas of training: nail specialist and facial specialist, this is not in any of the beauty schools
  • During training, you will receive clear knowledge in practice, templates for preparing a template, economical layout of material without losses and many secrets that are usually not told
  • Innovative speed simulation technique
  • "Flat" perfect covering with gel polish under the cuticle
  • Reasonable cost - training without overpayments
  • Convenient training schedule - can be combined with work, study
  • You can start classes without waiting for the group to be recruited
  • At the end of the course - a diploma of the established sample or a license
  • We have the best practicing teachers, international certification
  • All materials, equipment are provided by the school.



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