TOP course Eyelash lamination + Lash BTX

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This course will be useful to everyone who wants to master the most popular procedures for natural eyelashes and expand the range of their services - for eyebrowists, eyelash extension masters, beauticians. The course is also suitable for beginners in the Beauty-sphere.

In the course program:

  • The structure and types of natural eyelashes. Methods for determining the type of natural eyelashes
  • Presentation of procedures: eyelash lamination, Lash BTX. Contraindications and regularity of use
  • The chemical composition of the preparations and their effect on the natural eyelash
  • Protocol for the execution of procedures (step by step instructions)
  • Lash BTX - composition, advantages, features of work.
  • Secrets of the correct creation of a curl or lifting effect
  • Precise selection of silicone curling molds
  • Types of eyelash display and basic forms of composition display
  • Methods for determining the correct time of action of formulations
  • Materials and tools for work. Calculation of cost and consumption of materials
  • Major mistakes and ways to avoid them. How to fix the consequences of poor-quality procedures
  • Practical training on the model of the procedure lamination + Lash BTX
  • Selection of angles for photographing finished works for the portfolio of the master
Cource Cost: 600$
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