Advanced Nail Training

Are you a practicing master of manicure and want something more?

Improve, hone your skills, analyze mistakes, increase the speed of the procedure, do the job cleanly and learn all about the top designs, then the course "I'm a guru in the nail industry" is just for you!

Here is the course program👇🏻
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• Analysis of your work. Analysis of frequent errors and solution methods;
• Algorithm of work at the combined manicure;
• Schemes of ideal saw shapes (square, soft square, squaw, oval, almond). Ways to solve basic aesthetic problems;
• Removal of artificial material. Correction. Rules of work with the device at removal of a covering. Analysis of errors during removal and their consequences;
• Opening of a «pocket», processing of sinuses and lateral sinuses;
• Technique of atraumatic cuticle cut with forceps;
• Grinding and polishing of cuts and rollers;
• Preparation of the nail plate for coating with gel varnish;

Alignment and architecture: what's the difference?

  • Fast alignment technique. Frequent errors in alignment and that they entail;
  • Repair of chips and cracks. Correction of twisted and biting nails. Addition of a free edge of small length;
  • Perfect gel varnish coverage, maximum under the cuticle;
  • Alignment and creation of ideal architecture with a top;
  • TOP designs: slider design, foil stickers, stamping, cobwebs, kamifubiki, inlay with rhinestones, light stretching for designs;
  • Customer psychology, service creation.. Do you want a course? Write to me and book a place💫
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