A course for masters who own the classic extension and want to master 2-ЗD volumetric extensions, as well as for those who already own the technique of volumetric extensions and wish to improve their skills.

In the course program:

  • Types of volumetric eyelash extensions, selection of the correct volume for each client.
  • Basic techniques of gaze modeling for different types of eye structure
  • Schemes of effects of eyelash extension, pros and cons of each effect for different types of eyes
  • Construction of individual gaze modeling schemes. Secrets of the fastest, most accurate and symmetrical drawing of circuits
  • Comparison of ways to achieve a straight eyelash line
  • "Ragged" eyelash line and the Kim Kardashian effect
  • Coloristics in eye modeling. The color wheel and methods of its application
  • Author's technique "Method of accents"
  • Ideal geometry of the beam 2D and 3D, correct intake of glue on the microbeam, methods of setting for longer wear
  • Analysis of the main mistakes: gluing and how to prevent them, the right direction, working with internal and external corners
  • Demonstration of 2D and 3D beam shaping techniques on tape, beam processing
  • Creation of an individual simulation for a specific model and layout of a symmetrical circuit
  • Development of the acquired knowledge on the model
  • Analysis and correction of errors
  • Secrets of photographing the finished work to create a portfolio of the master
Cource Cost: 1000$
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