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We are thrilled that you have decided to enter the dynamic and very successful beauty industry. Your first step is to set an appointment with the director of education who will review with you the variety of programs that our Academy offers.

Please call 813- 591-4550 or + 1 917-349-4202. You can also fill out the form to schedule an appointment for a tour of the school and the director will give you a tour, discuss our programs and answer any questions you may have.

Your visit will include:

  1. Personal interview with the director
  2. Discuss your expectations, your preferences and your goals to find out which program is the right one for you
  3. Take a tour of the school
  4. Complete Admissions forms and sign Enrollment Agreement
  5. Discuss and arrange your tuition payment
  6. Pay for the non-refundable Registration fee and Kit Fee
  7. Discuss the best schedule for you and the school and find the best time to start your exciting program
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