Course “Waxing PRO”

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Course program:

  • Appearance of the waxing master, preparation of the workplace.
  • Hygiene procedures, treatment of instruments, work surfaces, hands
  • Tools and accessories. Compliance with safety precautions with tools. Rules for working with wax melters and their varieties
  • Hair structure and specificity of growth in different depilation zones
  • Varieties of waxes and peculiarities of working with them
  • An overview of the tools used in waxing. Compliance with the protocol of the procedure
  • Selection of wax according to the type and characteristics of the skin. Contraindications to the procedure
  • The specifics of working with different types of wax in different areas: face, armpit, bikini area, legs and arms
  • Preparing the client for the procedure
  • Skin care after depilation. Review of funds. General recommendations
  • Practical working out of the passed material under the supervision of a teacher, setting hands, analysis and correction of mistakes
Cource Cost: 950$
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