Makeup artist PRO (practical course)

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Course program:

  1. Tools and materials for make-up. Overview of brushes. A set of cosmetics for the work of a makeup artist. Major brands. Sanitation and hygiene. Ethics of work with the client.
  2. Determination of skin types, selection of the right cosmetics. Preparing the skin for make-up. Application of foundation, base and tone, correction of skin imperfections.
  3. Correction and techniques for modeling the shape of the face. Strobing, Contouring, Sun Striping, Baking, Draping.
  4. Correction and modeling of the shape of the eyes with the help of makeup.
  5. Rules for modeling and correcting the shape of the eyebrows. Eyebrow makeup, techniques with shadows, pencil, gel.
  6. Create a sketch. Working with face charts.
  7. Basic ways to do makeup. Pencil technique.
  8. Cream and watercolor makeup techniques.
  9. Basic eye makeup techniques: classic, vertical, horizontal and diagonal techniques.
  10. Basic eye shading techniques. Technique "Smoky eyes"
  11. Crease cut shading technique
  12. Cat eyes shading technique
  13. Shading techniques "Banana", "Bird" and others.
  14. The main types of makeup. Salon makeup. Day and evening make-up
  15. Wedding makeup. Prom makeup.
  16. Age makeup
  17. Fashion make-up
  18. Male makeup. Children's makeup
  19. Makeup according to the color type of appearance. Makeup with accents.
  20. Historical make-up of different eras of the 20th century. Modern trends in the development of makeup
  21. Stage makeup.
  22. Makeup for photography
  23. Fantasy makeup and face art.
  24. Exam and photo session.
Cource Cost: 1100$
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