Improving the skills of make-up artists / 2-level training “Salon and Fashion PRO”.

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Course program:
Level 1 Salon PRO

  • Competent work with facial skin. Techniques for correcting facial imperfections
  • Salon makeup. Modern techniques of commercial make-up. The most demanded make-up among clients.
  • Lifting makeup. Features and difficulties in working with aging skin.
  • Wedding make-up, performance features. Brides 2022. Dealing with problem brides
  • Color makeup

Level 2 Fashion PRO.
Course program:

  • Makeup for photo. Creating the perfect complexion, matte and blurring effect. Makeup for social media networks.
  • Make-up for video filming and television. Influence of lighting and color rendering.
  • Stage makeup. Modern runway look and make-up specifics for fashion shows. Stage makeup.
  • Fashion makeup. creative makeup.

Each level can be completed separately independently of each other.

Cource Cost: 450$
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