Fundamental course “Makeup artist for yourself”

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On this course you:

  • learn the intricacies and techniques of professional makeup;
  • learn how to make yourself a make-up, taking into account your individual characteristics;
  • determine your type of appearance and choose the colors that suit you in makeup;
  • learn how to correctly use cosmetics, etc.

Training program:

  • All about cosmetics and makeup tools. Basic rules and stages of makeup.
  • Work with the face (care products, applying foundation, corrector, powder). Modeling and correction of the shape of the eyebrows.
  • Eye makeup (pencil technique, watercolor technique, cream technique).
  • Lip makeup (lip contouring, work with texture and color).
  • Modeling and correction of the face shape: strobing, contouring, baking, sun stripping. Correction of age-related changes in the face.
  • Color wheel. Appearance color types and the correct selection of colors in makeup.
  • Day and evening make-up.
  • Festive makeup - the final work.


Cource Cost: 750$
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