Full Course “Manicure and pedicure + extension on the upper and lower forms”

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Course program:

  • Nail anatomy. Kinds. Forms
  • Pathology and diseases of nails
  • Types of cuticle
  • Disinfection. Sterilization
  • Selection of professional tools and materials.
  • Technique for creating various free edge shapes
  • Types of manicure: classic, combi and hardware
  • Overview of the device and its capabilities. Analysis of types and abrasives of cutters
  • Hand and rotary tools.
  • Step-by-step technology for performing classic, combined and hardware manicure with testing on models.
  • Creating an ideal surface (alignment) of the nail
  • Covering gel polish under the cuticle, perfect highlight
  • Procedures for the care and restoration of the nail plate after removing the artificial material.
  • Strengthening of nails - "extension to its length" (biogel, gel, semi-gel, fiberglass)
  • Implementation of basic designs
  • Types of pedicure: classic, hardware, smart pedicure, acid. Analysis of features
  • Ingrown nail. Solution.
  • Cracks and how to deal with them
  • Step-by-step technology for performing a pedicure with practice on models
  • Modeling of nails with gel and polygel:
  • Familiarization with the working material for nail modeling: gels, polygel, auxiliary materials, brushes, files, buffs, etc.
  • Variety of gel systems: single-phase and multi-phase (universal, elastic, sculptural, modeling, building, etc.), polygels.
  • Disinfection and sterilization
  • Workplace organization
  • The structure of a natural nail and its preparation for modeling
  • Chemistry of materials. Distinctive features and advantages of acrigel (polygel)
  • Template setting for different forms of the natural nail plate
  • Step-by-step layout of material in various systems. Variety of forms
  • free edge and sawdust pattern (almond, square, oval)
  • The use of camouflage in the "Permanent" jacket technique
  • Hardware correction. Removal of extended material
  • Rules for the care of the nail plate, after removing the artificial material
  • Acrigel (polygel) for upper and lower molds
  • High-speed modeling technique with minimal filing
  • "Flat" ideal gel polish for cuticles
  • Practice on models
Cource Cost: 1450$
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