Course “I am a lashmaker“

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In the course program :
  • The structure of eyelashes, stages of the life cycle of an eyelash, the influence of various factors on the renewal of eyelashes
  • Market overview of materials for eyelash extension, selection of the required minimum materials for independent practice
  • Storage and correct conditions of use of materials
  • Safety precautions and methods of disinfection of instruments
  • Lower eyelash isolation techniques
  • Preparation of eyelashes for extension
  • Learning how to work properly with straight and curved forceps, positioning the hand
  • Methods for attaching eyelashes when extending. Methods for collecting glue for "clean" work
  • Analysis of common mistakes: indentation, gluing and detachment. Reasons, consequences, how to avoid mistakes
  • Basic methods of beam shaping for performing double and triple volumes
  • Techniques for thickening gaps and basics of volumetric build-up: 1.5D, 2D, 3D
  • Work with the direction of artificial eyelashes
  • Methods for complete and lash removal of extended eyelashes
  • Completion of the eyelash extension procedure.
  • Determination of the basic shapes and types of structure of the eyes
  • Basic techniques of gaze modeling for different types of eye structure
  • Schemes of effects of eyelash extension, pros and cons of each effect for different types of eyes
  • Construction of individual gaze modeling schemes. Ways to correct deficiencies
  • Coloristics in eye modeling. The color wheel and methods of its application
  • Alignment of different lengths of eyelashes, alignment of bends
  • Marketing procedure
  • Basic principles of working with a client, maintaining and developing a client base
  • Recommendations to clients for better wear of eyelashes
  • Health of the master and the client. Eye diseases, allergies, chemical burns - causes, consequences, how to avoid
  • Secrets of photographing the finished work to create a portfolio of the master
  • Working out the acquired knowledge on individual models. Work on bugs. Recommendations for improving the quality and increasing the speed of work.
Cource Cost: 1200$
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