Course “All about Peels”

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Course program:

  • an overview of the types of peels: mechanical, hardware, biological, chemical
  • classification by penetration depth: superficial, medium, deep
  • analysis of acids according to the degree of impact on the skin of the face in-depth knowledge of chemical peels: the strength of their impact, depth penetration, parameters
  • solution of any cosmetic problem (medical, age, prophylactic) with the help of peelings
  • combination of peelings with other cosmetic procedures
  • readings
  • contraindications
  • correct! post-peel care

Working on professional cosmetics

  • development of chemical peels: almond, phytic, koi, azeloin,
  • ferulic, milky, glycolic 30% and 50%, salicylic, pyruvic
  • peeling, carbon peeling, also carboxytherapy.
Cource Cost: 750$
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